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DATE: 11.01.2017

            Swami Vivekananda was known as Narendranath Datta.  Narendranath was born in Calcutta on 12th January 1863.  His parents were Vishwanath Datta and Bhuvaneswari.  He was one of the most influential spiritual leader of Vedanta philosophy.  He was the chief disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.  Swamiji was the living embodiment of sacrifice and dedicated his life to the country and yearned for the progress of the poor.  Swamiji had more faith and hope on the younger generation in the upliftment of our country.   So only his birthday is celebrated as Youth day.

          The 154th Janma Diwas of Swami Vivekananda was celebrated in a grand manner in our school.  The programme began sharply at 5.30 pm headed by resource people Man. Parameshwaranji, President of Vivekananda Kendra, Man. Balakrishnanji, Vice President of Vivekananda Kendra and by Dr. G.Ravindran, M.S., The Dean, Kanyakumari Govt. Medical College, Asaripallam and Er. I.Krishnapillai, M.E., Chairman, Group of Cape Institution, Levenchipuram, Nellai Dist.  
          The programme was inaugurated by Man. Parameshwaranji by lighting the lamp followed by the other members on the dias.  Invocation was sung by the girls of IX standard.
          Our Principal Shri. S.Abraham Lingom presented the welcome address and School Annual Report.
          “A nation in India must be a union of those whose hearts beat to the same spiritual tune”.  To spread the fragrance of ‘national unity’ our teachers sang a beautiful song.
          We had an eminent person Er. I.Krishna Pillai, M.E., Chairman, Group of Cape Institution, levenchipuram who addressed the gathering.  He expressed his views about the value based educational system.  He reminded us that this soil (India) provides all fundamental and basic things.  He spoke against the mark based education. 
 He shared with us his past visit in 1983 to Vivekananda Kendra and about the greeny atmosphere.  He exhibited about the educational system in polytechnic college.  He appreciated the value based education and its benefit in the business and society.  He wished that Vivekananda Kendra Organisation should develop a lot and it should reach its destination.
          Hardwork and the involvement of our Children brought out success in the academics and extra-curricular activities. Our Sir, Shri. T.Selvan read out the names.  Our honourable chief guest and special guest gave away the prizes to the winners.
          The chief guest addressed the audience.  He reminded us about the speech of Swamiji in the parliament.  He insisted us to develop the fearlessness as the child posses.  He quoted “Arise! Awake! And Stop not till the Goal is reached” and told that everybody should have a goal in their life. 
 He expressed that Indians are intellectual, morally and physically strong.  He pointed out that India stands for competition, self sufficiency and union.  He narrated us the story of Thomas Alwa Edison.  He instructed the students to give respect to the elders.  He expressed about the value of the parents and their sacrifice.  He requested the students to follow the five mantras: always try to lie, dream, play and dance, laugh and ask questions.
          Man. Parameshwaranji, President of Vivekananda Kendra presented the memento to our honourable chief guest and special guest.
The presidential address was delivered by Man. Balakrishnanji, Vice President of Vivekananda Kendra.  He talked about the inaugural function of Sri Ramayana Darshan – Bharatamata Sadanam.  He expressed his views about Swamiji’s Chicago address.  He exhibited that India is an ancient country and Swamiji’s hope on the younger generation.  
 He instructed all to follow the six qualities.  They are (i) Love for the Country (ii) Love for the Bharthiya Culture (iii) Serve man Serve God (iv) Character building (v) Hardwork and (vi) love for the ecology.  He advised the students to strive hard to make our country famous all over the world.

          Vote of thanks was proposed by our Vice Principal Smt. K.G. Sariga.  After that the students of our school presented a great feast to the audience through the cultural programmes.  We concluded that programme with Kendra Prayer and sweet packets were distributed to all.

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