Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Teachers’ Orientation Camp - 2023


                                                                                        Date: 26/05/2023 to 29/05/2023

                                                                                        Time: 9.15 a.m to 4.45 p.m

                                                                                        Total no. of participants: 91

Day 1 (26/05/2023):

Ø  Inauguration: Mann.Hanumanth Rao Ji, Vice President, VRM & VK.

o    He suggested that

§  The teachers should play the role of parent, guardian and friends.

§   All the subject teachers are responsible for a student’s character.

§   If the teacher is creative, the child’s character is corrected.

Ø  Session I: Developing life skills or success skillsBy Dr.Pon Murugan, Joint secretary, Sivanthi Aditanar College.

Session II:  Kendra Activities with respect to North East

                         - Sus. Meera Kulkarni


Day 2 (27/05/2023):


Session I: Best Way to Motivate the Students

      By Dr. J. Gandhi Ram, Academic Director, PSN Institute of Technology

Ø  Session II: Experience of Being a Responsible Teacher and Administrator of School.  By Mann. Rekha Didi, Joint general Secretary, VRM & VK

Ø  Visit to Vivekananda Rock Memorial


Day 3 (28/05/2023):


Session- I : Amrita Parivar

By Smt. Thangalakshmi, Tamil Nadu Vibhag Pramuk, VK

Ø  Session –II : Watering the Roots

By Mann. Rekha Didi, Joint general Secretary, VRM & VK


Day 4 (29/05/2023):


Session-I: The Effect of Social and Emotional Learning on Student Well Being  

By Shri. C. Sajeev, Researcher,

Computer Science & Engineering  Dept, M. S. University


Concluding Session: Mann. Balakrishnan Ji, President, VRM & VK

o   In his speech he said,

§  If you have love towards the children you can shape them.

§  Teachers should not stop learning.

§  Only positive things should be taken to the children.

Ø  Pushparpan & Kendra Prarthana                          

·        Different topics from the book Indian Culture- Challenges & Potentialities were presented by all the teachers.

·        Chanting of Shanthipat and Ikya mantra was taught by Sus.Alakagauri  didi.


  Kendra varga was also conducted.

Saturday, 25 March 2023


 Date: 24-03-2023

Time:2.30 p.m.

Venue : Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya M.H.S.S.,Vivekanandapuram

Chief Guest: Sri.N.PradeepChandru, the founder and C.E.O. of Mafiree and founder of Miru Sports

No.of participants : 1100

·        On 24.03.2023 sports day was celebrated in our school.

·        The program was hosted by E.Abishek of VIII C.

·        The program began with invocation song by students of class V.

·        The welcome address was presented by J.S.Sri Varshini of VIII A.

·        The importance of this day was presented by R.Rashmitha of VIII A.


Chief guest Sri.N.PradeepChandru, was the former student of V.K.V.

o   He shared some of his experience in his school life.

o   Insisted every student to develop the ‘Never quit attitude’.

o   He also asked every student to play well and have a healthy life.

·       Next, the prizes were distributed 

   by our chief guest to all the winners Smt. K.R.Ishwarya, teacher read out the prize list of winners.

·Then memento was presented to 

our chief guest by our Correspondent.

·        N.Nadasha of VIII B proposed the vote of thanks.

·        The program was concluded with Kendra prarthana.


Monday, 13 March 2023




DATE: 09.03.2023

TIME: 2.00 P.M


 Ø On 09.03.2023 mathru Pooja was celebrated in our school.

Ø The program was hosted by Smt.P.Umaselvi Teacher of V.K.V.

Ø The welcome address was presented by Smt.K.Latha, Teacher of V.K.V.

Ø The importance of this celebration was delivered by Smt.T.Maheswari, Teacher of V.K.V.

Ø The mathru Pooja was conducted by Smt.P.Umaselvi, Teacher of V.K.V.

Ø At the end of this celebration, 5 parents and 3 students shared their experience.

Ø The vote of thanks was proposed by Smt.Kalavathy, Teacher of V.K.V.

Ø The program was concluded with Shanti Mantra.

Monday, 27 February 2023



DATE: 25-02-2023                          

TIME: 2.30 PM.

VENUE               :Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya M.H.S.S., Vivekananadapuram

CHIEF GUEST   :Dr.S.Sreelatha, Assistant Professor of English,

                             SreeAyyappa College for Women, Chunkankadai


SPECIAL GUEST: Smt.Thanalakshmi, TamilnaduVibhagPramuk.

                             Sus.RadhaDidi, DakshinPrantSangatak


Ø The Program was hosted by Smt.Regila.

Ø The program was initiated with an invocation song by Smt.S.D.Devi

Ø The welcome address was presented by Smt.KrishnaKumari.

Ø The importance of the day was delivered by Smt.K.Saranya.

Ø I.Suganya who won the 1st prize in singing competition sang a beautiful song.

The key points of Chief Guest’s address;

·        Mother’s sacrifice is the highest of all sacrifices.

·        Every mothers must know the benefits of healthy food.

·        Mothers must teach their children the good habits, reading and chanting prayers.

Ø The prizes were distributed to the winners of the mother’s day competitions.


The key points of Special Guest’s address, Smt.Thangalakshmi

·        According to our culture, we say “Matha, Pitha, Guru and Deivam”.  Mother is the superior to all.

·        Mother’s duty is to teach her child the good deeds.

·        They should develop the patriotism

·        We should be an example for others.


Ø Vote of thanks was proposed by Smt.PalaniPriya.

Ø The program was concluded with ‘Shanti Mantra’.

Friday, 27 January 2023

Republic Day Celebration Report - 2023

 DATE: 26-01-2023                          TIME: 8.30 A.M.



St.Hindu College, Nagercoil



Ø On 26-01-2023, 74th Republic day was celebrated in our school.

Ø The program was hosted by  anM.S.AnushKumari  of class XII A.

Ø The program was initiated by invocation song ‘VandeMataram’

Ø The Tricolour flag was hoisted by Mann. NiveditaDidi, and National Anthem was sung.

Ø The pledge was lead and followed by S.Arjuman of X Std.

Ø The welcome address was proposed by A.K.Mahima of VII C.

Ø Students of VI and VII Std sang a patriotic Hindi song.

Ø The importance of Republic day was presented by N.P.Hahina of IX C

Ø Our students showcased their talents in Karate and Silambam.

Ø The boys of class VIII sang a melodious Tamil patriotic song.

Ø The girls of VIII and VII performed a dance with dumbles.

Chief Guest Address:

·        He spoke about ‘The unsung heroes of freedom movement and their sacrifices.

·        He insisted every students to learn about those freedom fighters like Kattabomman, Shenbhaga Raman, Kudhiram Bose & Chandra Shekar Azad and our culture and be proud of it.

·        Each student must have patriotism and use the opportunity and get success.

Ø Our students performed a Tamil drama about the ‘Major Abinanthan’.

Presidential Address:

·        Mann. NiveditaDidi, Vice President of VRM & VK, delivered the special guest address.

·        She quoted that the first duty of students is to excel in studies and learn about our country’s tradition and culture.

·        She also narrated the Nuclear test conducted in pokran by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Bhopal tragedy.

·        She insistedusto have dreams and work hard to achieve it.

Our country’s economy is the 5th largest economy. So each one of us should strive to make our country great.

Ø The boys and girls demonstrated their vigour and courage by pyramid demonstrations.

Ø Then, the students who won in E.A. competitions were honoured with prizes.

Ø Mann. NivedidtaDidi, presented a memento to our Chief guest.

Ø Vote of thanks was proposed by S.BeenaPriya of class IX.

Ø The program was wind up with Kendra Prarthana.