Saturday 17 February 2024


 VENUE: Swami Vivekananda Sabhagriham

DATE: 15.02.2024

TIME: 2.30 P.M



Ø  On 15.02.2024 mathru Pooja was celebrated in our school.

Ø  The program was hosted by Smt.P.Umaselvi Teacher of V.K.V.

Ø  The welcome address was presented by Smt.K.Kavitha, Teacher of V.K.V.

Ø  The importance of this celebration was delivered by Smt.P.Umaselvi, Teacher of V.K.V.

Ø  The mathru Pooja was conducted by Smt.P.Umaselvi, Teacher of V.K.V.

Ø  At the end of this celebration, 4 parents and 6 students shared their experience.

Ø  The vote of thanks was proposed by Sri.K.Rajukumar, Teacher of V.K.V.

Ø  The program was concluded with Shanti Mantra.

Monday 12 February 2024

Sports Day Celebration Report-2024

 Date: 09-02-2024

Time: 2.00 PM

Venue: Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya M.H.S.S.

Chief Guest: Dr.A.Prabhu Marachan, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, Vivekananda Arts and Science college, Agasteeswaram.

Master of ceremony: K.Asmitha-XII B

No. of participants: 1160

·        The sports day celebration initiated with an invocation song.

·        D.P.Sundareshwari of class IX C welcomed the gathering.

·        Our Physical Educator,Sri.Ajith sir delivered the speech about the importance of sports day.

·        Dr.A.Prabhu Marachan, Assistant Professor addressed the gathering.

Highlighted few important points.

Ø Advised the students to do exercise daily.

Ø To wake up in the early morning and talk to their subconscious mind- “I can do it” to develop their self-confidence.

Ø To visualize their aim to reach their goal.

Ø To recall the day, chief guest said to write the day’s report.

Ø To respect their parents and to be truthful.


·        Our chief guest honoured the winners who actively participated in sports.

·        Kum.Abinaya Lakshmi read out the prize list of the winners.

·        Smt.K.G.Sariga, Principal presented a memento to our honourable chief guest.

·        N.Nadasha of class IX B, proposed the vote of thanks.

·        The sports day celebration concluded with Kendra prarthana.