Tuesday 26 September 2023

Vinayagar Chathurthi Celebration report-2023

 Venue: Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya

Date:   18-09-2023 to 23-09-2023




v Vinayaga Chaturthi is one of the important Hindu festivals celebrated throughout India with a great devotion.

v  He is the lord of arts and science and the deva of wisdom.  He is honoured at the start of rituals and ceremonies as he is considered the God of beginnings.

v   Vinayagar Chaturthi was celebrated in Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Kanyakumari in an auspicious manner.  Every year, our Vidyalaya celebrates the festival by making the idol of Lord Ganesa with dedicative effort of the students of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya. 

v  The Vinayaga Chaturthi was celebrated from 18-09-2023 to 23.09.2023. 


    Every class got a chance to give their offerings to Lord Ganesha. 

v  It was celebrated in the following schedule

o   18-9-2023 : Standard IX and XI

o   19-09-2023: Standard LKG and UKG

o   20-09-2023: Standard I , II and III

o   21-09-2023 : Standard IV, V and VI

o   22-09-2023 : Standard VII and VIII

o   23-09-2023: Standard X and XII

v The students offered flowers and Prasatham.  The Visarjan of Lord Ganesa was done at 3.30 pm on 23.09.2023. 

v  The celebration ended with the great blessings of Lord Ganesa whose brilliance always removes all obstacles from our endeavours truly.



Tuesday 12 September 2023

Universal Brotherhood Day Celebration Report - 2023

 Date               : 11-09-2023

Venue           : Swami Vivekananda Sabhagriham, Vivekanandapuram

Time              : 2.00 p.m.

Chief Guest : Er.J.B.Renin, M.Tech,C.E.O.Cape Institute of Technology,   


Special Guest: Dr.K.Vijayakumar,M.B.B.S.,MD., PGDML & E, Former National 

    President,Indian Medical Association

Presided by : Mann. Hanumantaraoji, Vice President, V.R.M. & V.K.

Compering   :Smt.P.Jeya,VKV.Teacher

Number of participants :1350.

·        The program was inaugurated by lighting the lamp with hands of the personalities in the dias followed by invocation.

·        The event commenced with the welcome address by Smt.K.G.Sariga,Principal,VKV.

·        The students of class IX, sang a melodius song which led everyone into a soulful moment.

·        Chief guest address: Er.J.B.Renin, M.Tech,C.E.O.points shared:

Ø He interacted with the students and asked questions about G-20 and also gifted them.

Ø Compared Universal Brotherhood day with G-20 as VasudhaivaKudumbakam.

Ø Theme- “One Earth, One Family, One Future”

Ø He conveyed about self-trained India, Digital Revolution, Anti-corruption, and Healthy India.

Ø Quoted: “Arise! Awake! Stop not till the goal is reached”

Ø “There is no substitute for hard work”.

·        Swami Vivekanandas’ famous speech at the parliament of Religions on Sep.11,1983 was delivered by ManikandaBharathi of class IX

·        Special guest address: Dr.K.Vijayakumar,M.B.B.S.,MD., PGDML & E, stressed the points:

Ø  Swami Vivekananda delivered Hindu Dharma. India as a land of spirituality, patriotism and service.

Ø Swami Vivekananda inspired many leaders for a few generations so far.

Ø The youth can change the destiny of India for the best.

Ø Quoted “Give me 100 energetic young men and I shall transform the Nation”.

Ø Stressed the quote “Service to mankind is service   to god”.

Ø Adviced the students not to use mobile phone for the bad cause.

Ø Guided to improve the leadership quality.

·        The Kendra employees and vkv teachers who had completed their 10 years of service were honoured by Mann.Hanumantaraoji.

·        Mann.Hanumantaraoji, Vice President, V.R.M. & V.K. presided the value points.

Ø Swami Vivekananda spout- What is India, What was India, What will be India.

Ø There is only one country in the world which understands religion- It is India.

Ø Life of Swami Vivekananda remembered the life of nation and message for nation.

Ø Bharat is the land of spirituality.

Ø Life without a goal or target or purpose can be aimless, feel unfulfilled and uncertain.

Ø Expressed his views about Chandrayan.

Ø Addressed about the vision of India in 2047. We must work hard and strengthen our national character and move forward.

Ø Our Ji, quoted from Chicago Address, “I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance”.

·        As a token of our gratitude and respect Mann.Hanumantaraoji presented memento to the guests.

·        Sri.S.SanjeeviRajan, Vice-Principal, VKV thanked everyone on the premises.

·        After the formal function, cultural event was diligently organized and was compered by C.R.Akshaya of class XI and R.SharaShamuktha of class VIII.

·        The performance opened with Bharathanatyam. Various events in the field of dramatics, dance and singing were performed by students. However, everybody enjoyed cultural functions. The Universal Brotherhood Day concluded with Kendra Prarthana.

Saturday 9 September 2023



DATE               :           07-09-2023                            

TIME               :           2.30 P.M.

VENUE            :           VKV SCHOOL

CHIEF GUEST   :           Dr.TheivaPrakash, Tamil Nadu State President, Hindu Aalaya PathukapuIyakam

PRESIDED BY  :           Mann.Hanumantaraoji, Vice President, VRM & VK



Gokulashtamicelebration initiated with 3 Ohmkars and sahanavavathu followed by invocation.

R.Rasmitha of class IX welcomed the gathering cheerfully.

Praising Lord Krishna, students of class VIII sang a melodious song.

R.Devi Varshana of class IX shared her knowledge about Gokulashtami and Rakshabandhan in our mother   tongue.

Dr.Theiva Prakash from Villukury, Tamil Nadu State President, Hindu AalayaPathukapuIyakam, Director of Food Corporation of India, 

who spends his precious time as Swayam Sevak for around 40 years enlightened with his valuable speech. Narrated short moral stories of,

Ø  Birth of Lord Krishna

Ø  Prahalathan story

Ø  Mahabharatham

Ø  Great Alexander

Ø  Sanadhana Sharma must be followed

Raksha Bandhan, emphasises the importance of the bond that of a brother and sister. 

Students M.SriVarsha & S.K.Mathesh tied rakhi to the personalities in the dias.

·    Our honourable, Mann.Hanumantaraoji, Vice President of VRM & VK nourished the young minds with 

his enriched speech and advice.

Lord Krishna celebrated his birthday by protecting others.

When we fight against wrongness in the society, then Lord Krishna is within us is called Dharmarakshathi.   

Students of class IV & V acted as Krishna and gopikas and played a charming game uriyadi with joyous


Our honourable guests awarded prizes for the meritorious students and to the KG kids who dressed as Radha

 and Krishna.


A small memento as an effort of appreciation was given to chief guest by Mann.Hanumantaraoji.

BeenaPriya of class X C delivered the vote of thanks.

The celebration was finally concluded with prarthana.

GokulashtamiPrasatham was distributed to the guests, well-wishers and school students. 





TIME:10.00 A.M.


CHIEF GUEST: Smt.Krishnaveni, Ex.Principal, Rtd.Government school teacher


*The teachers day meeting was initiated by three ohmkars,sahanavavathu and guru song by Manikumarsir.Smt.P.Jeya teacher welcomed the gathering.

* The meeting was presided by Smt.Krishnaveni teacher.

             Teaching is a noble profession. We are asked to learn from nature. 

             How nature gives us all the needed things, same way as a teacher we are asked to guide,

            motivate, spread knowledge with patience and hard work.

            She quoted Swami Vivekananda’s quote “Education is the manifestation of the perfection  already in man.

She also explained about Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ma.Saradha Devi’s  patience and love to the world. 

Teachers were appreciated for their duty and suggested to bring the improve the society.

                *The Chief Guest was honoured by our correspondent sir, Mr.SubbiahNadar.

                *All the teachers were honoured and got the blessings from our Chief Guest.

                *The meeting concluded with Shanti mantra.

                *The students performed their role as student-teachers.

*The student-teachers, of class XI A.Maria Rashmi as Principal,  
A.Victor Joswin as Vice Principal 

and R. Bavithra as Correspondent performed their role perfectly well and gave a speech 

about  this auspicious day.

                *Few student-teachers shared their experience enthusiastically.

                *The best student-teachers were awarded by our Correspondent sir.

                *The teachers day celebration was a grand success.