Thursday 26 February 2015



DATE : 21.02.2015

            Origin of Mothers’ Day goes back to the era of ancient Greek Romans.  Anna Jarvi is known as the mother of Mothers’ Day, an apt title for the lady who worked hard to bestow honour on all Mothers.  Due to the hard work of the pioneering women of their times, Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis that the day come into existence.  The plants produce fragrant flowers like wise, mother makes her home pleasant by promoting peace, fulfilling the needs of her family and making others happy.  So, people take the day as an opportunity to pay tribute to their mothers and thank them for all their love and support.

In our school mothers’ day celebration was celebrated in a grand manner.  That special occasion was inaugurated with the lighting of lamp by our honourable chief guest Dr. Suja, Gynaecologist followed by the other dignitaries on the dias.  We initiated our programme by an invocation song sung by Smt. Lakshmi Thangam.  The welcome address was presented by Smt. Bama.
 The importance of Mothers’ Day was explained briefly by Smt. G.Geetha.  It evoked our mind and made us to feel proud about our mother.
          Various competitions were conducted for the mothers and the teachers.  They were eagerly participating in various competitions with enthusiasm and won the prizes.  The prize lists were read out by our teacher Smt. Gowri.  Our honourable chief guest gave away the prizes to the winners.

We had an eminent person Dr.Suja, Gynaecologist as our chief guest who addressed the gathering.  She was proud to be the ex student of V.K.V.  She shared her school days experience in a proud manner.  She told the most of her good qualities were learnt in the school days.  She praised the role of a mother in Indian Culture.  Mother is considered as Goddess.  In the World level, may 2nd is celebrated as Mothers’ Day.  We celebrated mothers’ Day in the remembrance of Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa’s birth anniversary.  She explained about the growth of a child in different stages.  She noted some valuable points to grow a good model child.  She advised all the mothers to give healthy food and avoid fast food.  She insisted the children to live in the joint family to restrict the children’s jealousy.  Then she adviced to make the children behave with the society, elders, teachers and parents in a humble manner.

          She told that the parents should play an important role to teach the moral values and discipline for their children.  She advised the mothers to spend their time with the child and they should narrate the stories like Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Prahalatha etc.  She advised the students not to watch television and avoid the usage of internet and mobile phones.  She told that the mothers should allow their children to play for a while and encourage them to learn different languages and make them to be a good citizen in the World.
          Next our special guest Smt. Lakshmi Prabha addressed the audience.  She spoke about the importance of mother.  She recollected the past memories about the love and affection which she experienced in her childhood days.  She was proud to be the ex student of V.K.V.  She expressed her views regarding the purpose of celebrating Mothers’ Day in our school. She noted that Swamiji was one of the special disciples of Sri Rama Krishna paramahamsa and Mother saradha Devi. 
          Smt. Anu Radha shared her experience about the Mothers’ Day celebration.  Our Principal presented a memento to the honourable chief guest and the special guest.
          Vote of thanks was proposed by Smt.Geetha.  Finally the programme was concluded with Kendra Prayer.



Date: 13-02-2015
Venue: Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Matric.Hr.Sec.School

                A healthy body results in a healthy mind.  A good diet alone will not bring out good physical fitness.  The body needs exercise in the form of sports.  A sport is also a type of education.  It helps the children to mingle with others, work on the principles of give and take, in a real sense they also get to know about a lot of games.  More over active participation in sports help the children by giving them an opportunity to work as a team player, feel a sense of accomplishment,  set goals, face challenges and cultivate the mind set to take on defeats.

          In our school, sports day was celebrated in a grand manner.  On that happiest occasion we initiated our porgramme by an invocation song sung by VII standard students.  The welcome address was presented by Vaishnavi of VIII standard.

          Our Physical Education teacher kum. Vijaya Nirmala delivered a speech in English about the importance of the day.
          The students of VII and VIII standard sang a beautiful song related to this function.  We had an eminent person Sri. S.Soma Sundaram, Principal of Vivekananda Arts and Science College, Agasteeswaram as our Chief Guest who addressed the gathering.

          He expressed his views about the importance of the day.  He said that the first dream of every child is to play games.  In olden days games are taught by the elders.  He pointed out that our government gives importance to all the games.  He told that game is the basic education, it kindles and develops our knowledge.  He advised the students to learn the sports played in the villages and they should attain success in various fields.
          The talents of our children are brought out through various sports competition.  Our students participated in the competitions enthusiastically and won the prizes.  Our teacher Sri.Selva Kumar read out the names.  Our honourable Chief Guest gave away the prizes to the winners.
          Our Principal presented a memento to the honourable  chief guest.  Vote of thanks was proposed by G.Amisha of VIII standard.  The programme was concluded with Kendra Prayer.