Wednesday 27 January 2016

                                              67TH REPUBLIC DAYCELEBRATION
The most auspicious day when we got republic to govern ourself is on 26th  January 1950. We got our reign as the formulae tells “ For the people, By the people, of the people.

            In rememberance of this day 26th January the whole country celebrates Republic day with joy. Our school also takes a major part in this day’s celebration. We began the program at the time near to the dawn of the day. As the sun rose high in the sky, Our Republic day too began to bloom with the children appearing in white uniforms.

            The function began exactly 8.30 A.M. The first start of the program was the song of Vandematharam, which began to induce the sense of freedom in our minds.
            Followed by it was the flag hosting by the honourable Chief Guest Dr. E.Ponnulingam, former principal of Vivekananda Arts and science college, Agasteeswaram.

            National Anthem was sung after the flag hosting to make reverence to the freedom fighter, country and national flag.
            We felt proud to take the pledge by which we could express our sincerity, love, reverence, worthyness and selflessness to the country.
            Welcome address was presented by Smt. Venkateshwari  teacher. Her welcome speech was so excellent by which all the people on dias and the gathering felt happy to be a part of the function.     
            A wonderful Hindi song was sung by our students. The language and the music both were wonderful and smoothing to our auditory sense.

            Importance of the day was spoken by sister Shalini of 9th standard. Her speech brought out all the reasons by which the day gained its unique importance.
            A song in Tamil was sung in praise of the country. The pleasant voice and meanings of the lines were marvelous and of whole worthy.

            A beautiful mime was presented by our students. The mime depicted the life of major Mugunth Varadharajan. It brought out the struggle that each Indian soldier undergoes as a freedom fighter. It also brought out the family afflictions related to them. The tragic end brought tears in views of spectators.
            Chief Guest Dr. E.Ponnulingam gave a wonderful speech in Tamil language. He told about the struggles undergone by freedom fighters. He also motivated students to be truthful and patriotic.
            Followed by Chief Guest address was the address made by Special Guest Gourji head of all world Gayathri Parivar. He spoke about the need to have national spirit.

            Prizes  were awarded for students who performed wonderfully in E.A. competitions. There efforts and achievements were appreciated by awarding prizes by Chief Guest and Special Guest.
            To make the program a memorable one, memento was presented to Chief Guest by Special Guest.
            Vote of thanks was presented by Sree Venkadesh Sir. All the dignitaries and gathering was thanked for their kind co-operation through out the program.
            The program was winded-up with Kendra Prayer.

Thursday 14 January 2016

153rd Janma Diwas of Swami Vivekananda Annual day of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya and National Youth Day Celebrations
“All great undertakings are achieved through mighty obstacles” said Swami Vivekananda.
            We , the embodiments of school take high responsibilities in order to make our school achieve glory on all perspectives. 

* It is always a privilege for us to be part of our school’s program. We celebrated our School’s Annual Day, 153rd Janma Diwas of Swami Vivekananda and National Youth day on 12-01-2016. Tri-seas meet at Kanyakumari to make it a divine place. Yes, it is divine because Parvathi Devi did tapas there . Even the great saint Swamiji did tapas to know the reason for the backwardness of our country.Our school’s program also has got three headlines to make it so divine that too happens in same Kanyakumari with the holy bliss of almighty.

            * Our school day begun at the beautiful dusk of the day. The sound of peacock, birds and light music on God added colours to the beginning. Source of life begins with light. The fire that gives heat and life for all species of world. 

Fire that gives way to throw away darkness. Lighting the lamp is a traditional way to pray God. Our tradition has taught us the same. The highly esteemed dignitaries on the dias were called on to light the lamp.

            * This nation “Bharat” has a glorious past. It has high spiritual belief. It is mother for all nations. It too has its struggles to be free from the clutches of alien rulers. Freedom was not easy to be received.It was received through great struggle of our national leaders who left their lives for our country. In order to kindle the spirit of freedom and pay homage to the national leaders, our school children began the program with “VANDE MATARAM”.

            * Welcoming brings passion for the spectators. Welcoming is a part of decency. It turns more marvelous when our esteemed authority welcomes the gathering with his sweet words. It was a splendid welcome by our respected Principal Shri. S.Abraham Lingom. Followed by that he presented the Annual Report.

            * Formal welcome and speech make verbal communication. But pleasing the ears can be done only through melodious song. Our students tranquiled our souls by singing a marvelous song in Sanskrit. 

            * Followed by the group song was the Special Address by Shri. V.Jeya Kumar,M.A.,M.Ed.,M.Phil., Chief Educational Officer , Nagercoil. He spoke about the need for youth to follow the sayings of Swami Vivekananda. 

            * Next was prize distribution in which winners were awarded prizes by Chief guest and Special guest.

            * Swami Vivekananda says
            “we have to give back to the nation its lost individuality and raise the masses”. The distinguished Chief guest Dr. Sivan, M.E.,Ph.D., Director of VSSC Trivandrum, also spoke in whole related to this saying of Swamiji. He said that India can only be brought to a high level when the masses understand its individuality. His address was a fruitful and thought provoking one.

            * It is always our responsibility to honour the distinguished guests who have spent their valuable time with us. They were honoured by presenting memento by Mann. Krishnamoorthiji, Editor, Vivekavani, VRM & VK.

            * Presidential Address was delivered by Mann. Krishnamoorthiji. He spoke on the need for research on all fields especially on mental. He told that even Swamiji has said the same. He also insisted to teach students about the machines available and the ways to handle them. He told such teaching could bring out the hidden talents of children. 

*As the program had a nice beginning, it was time to end the program with a nice vote of thanks. Shri. Krishnaswamy, Administrative Officer, VRM & VK delivered the Vote of thanks in which he thanked each and everyone who have made the function a grand one. 

* Cultural programmes were conducted after the vote of thanks. Songs,Dances, Dramas and Other variety programs entertained the viewers.

The program was finally  concluded with Kendra prayer.