Tuesday 4 July 2023



TIME:2.30 P.M.

VENUE: Swami Vivekananda Sabhagriham

Chief Guest: C. Sajeev Researcher in Computer Science and Engineering Department in M.S. University




·         Snekiya of class IX warmly welcomed the gatherings.

·          Guru Purnima celebration initiated with invocation by VII & VIII students.

·         Each and every one in the sabhagriham chanted guru stotram.

·         JeyaJoshika of class VII delivered the importance of the day in our mother tongue.

·    Students of class IX sung a melodious song which gave peace to our ears and heart.

·     Akshaya of class XI delivered the importance of Guru Purnima in English enthusiastically.

· Well wishers and ex-students of Vivekananda Kendra had offered scholarships to 

      encourage the students who excel in their academics. 

·   Chief guest Shri.C.Sajeevhanded over the scholarship cards.

·  The teachers who procured centum result in the previous academic year (2022-2023) 

    were also honoured by Mann.HanumantaRaoji, Vice President of VRM & VK.

·  Our honourable Chief guest Shri.C.Sajeev, Researcher  in computer science 

    and Engineering Department in M.S.University addressed the gathering.


Ø  Initially sir said, he admired our school environment, discipline, uniformity and 

      peacefulness of the students.

Ø  Swami Vivekananda’s quote “Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached” was highlighted.

Ø  Guru gives light in our life.

Ø  Discipline and education must be considered as our two eyes.

Ø  He also quoted maathrudevo bhava, pithrudevo bhava, acharyadevo bhava.

Ø  He felt happy to be with us at this auspicious occasion.

·  Mann. HanumantaRaoji, Vice President of VRM & VK nourished the young minds by his fabulous speech.             

o   Utilization of guru’s knowledge, skill, wisdom should be used for higher purpose i.e., for entire universal growth.

o   He insisted to help others through our knowledge and skills, which gives confidence.

o   Guru enlightens the students with knowledge and guides them in the journey of life.

o   On Guru Purnima day, students express their heartfelt gratitude to their mentors.

o   Saranya of class IX expressed her gratitude to all the noble souls who took part in the celebration.

o   Guru Purnima celebration was concluded by Kendra prarthana.