Thursday 21 July 2016



DATE: 19.07.2016

          Guru, the teacher is considered as a God.  Gurupoornima falls on the full moon day of Ashadh.  Sage vyasa is regarded as the guru of gurus in the world.  He completed his education at the age of sixteen.  He arranged the Vedas systematically in to Rig Veda, Yarjur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharvana Veda.  He came to be known as Vedavyasa because of his scholarly attitude and contribution.  He was believed to be a part of Lord Vishnu.  He was the author of the great epic the Mahabharata and wrote 18 Puranas.

          The master of ceremony was Supriya of XI Std.
          The progamme began with an invocation by the students of VIII Std.
          The welcome address was delivered by student Preethi of XI Std.
          The importance of Gurupoornima in Tamil was presented by Vivitha Singh of XI Std.

          Music is the easiest way to reach God.  The girls of VIII Std. sang a beautiful song on Guru.
          The importance of the day in English was presented by Punitha of XI Std.
          Our teacher Kum.Anitha read out the scholarship name list of the students and it was given away by the Chief Guest.

          The teachers those who produced centum result in X and XII Std. of the previous academic year (2015-2016) were honoured by the special guest with shield and certificate.
          The special guest presented the momento to the chief guest Dr. Deiva Prakash, Vibhag Sahakaryavah of RSS.

          The chief guest addressed the audience by recalling an olden tradition of Gurukula system of education.  He explained about the importance of the day.  He recited a sloga which was told by Vedavyasa.  He reminded us many stories about unity.  He insisted the students to respect the elders.  He requested the students to help others and not to give trouble to others.  He also instructed the students to offer flowers to the Gurus.

          The vote of thanks was presented by Sindhu of XI Std.
          The programme concluded by Kendra Prarthana.