Friday 9 December 2022


 DATE                            : 03-12-2022

TIME                            : 10.00 A.M. T to 12.40 P.M.

VENUE                         : Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya M.H.S.S., Vivekanandapuram

No.of participants         : 1260


This year the Gita Jayanthi was on 3rd Dec, 2022.  We celebrated in our school on 2nd Dec, 2022.  Bhagavad Gita is the gist of Mahabarat.  If we want to live nobly, successfully and purposefully then the study of the Gita is must.  Gita is the book for living.  We celebrate Gita Jayanthi because Gita contains the philosophy of our culture, of our organization, of our work.We started with three ‘Omkaras’ at 10.30 am.  Twelve students from 7th and 8th standard chanted the slokas and it was followed by students of standard 1 to 12.

Eknathji used to say,‘Opportunities are Duties’.  According to his quote, we utilized this opportunity on Gita Jayanthi, chanted the slokas and got the blessings of Sri Krishna.