Thursday 27 January 2022







DATE: 26-01-2022



“Thousands laid down their lives so that our country breath this day”

-Jai Hind.


         On the auspicious morning of 26th Jan 2022, we celebrated Republic day in our school premises with great splendour and grandeur to commemorate the enforcement of the Indian constitution on 26th Jan 1950. The event started sharply at 8.30 a.m. with Vandematharam. Mann.Hanmantaraoji, Vice president of Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Vivekananda Kendra presided over the function and unfurled the tricolour flag followed by the National Anthem.

 The pledge was taken by all the participants. The welcome address was delivered by our teacher Smt.E.Sumathi. Some of our teachers brought out their patriotic fervour & delighted everyone by a Bharathiyar song. Our teacher Smt.Jaya Lakshmi delivered a speech on the importance of the day. 

In her speech, she pointed out the development of Mother Bharath in various fields and also highlighted the Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu, Sri. R.N.Ravi’s oration about “what could be Bharath in 2047 by the time India completed 100 years of celebration”.  

Mann. Hanumantaraoji emphasized that the pride of our National flag lies in the hands of the soldiers who have sacrificed their noble lives for the nation and are still at the frontiers safeguarding from foreign invasions. He insisted us to respect the army men whom we meet in our daily lives.

 He also put forth his wish that the students should be motivated in such a way that they serve the nation by being an army man and bring pride to our school. Our teacher Shri. R.Sundarakumar proposed the vote of thanks. Finally the celebration came to an end with Kendra Prarthana and the distribution of sweets to all the participants.