Monday 21 November 2022

Sadhana Diwas Celebration Report - 2022

 Time                          : 2.00 P.M.

Date                           : 19-11-2022

Venue                       : Vivekananda Sabhagriham

Chief Guest             : Sri.Prakash, Station incharge, Kanyakumari Light House.

Presided by             : Aa.Avinashji, Public relation officer, VRM & VK.

Number of participants  : 1380


·        On 19-11-2022 Birthday of Mann.EknathjiRanade, founder of Vivekananda Kendra and Vivekananda Rock Memorial (SadhanaDiwas) and the concluding ceremony of Science and Arts Exhibition was celebrated.

·        The program was hosted by Rishima of XI B.

·        The program began with invocation sung by class 7 boys.

·        The welcome address was presented by MariyaRashmi of X A.

·        The importance of SadhanaDiwas was presented by C.R.Aparna of XI B.

·        The students of class 7 and 8 sang a beautiful song on,Eknathji.

 Ø The key points of Chief Guest address

v He spoke about the origin of light house.

v The importance of light house, its principles and how it functions.

v He quoted, “Education is more important for life”.

·        Nubisha of class V and Lakshaya of LKG also sang the prize winning songs.

·        P.Akshaya of class IX presented the prize winning speech on the story of Rock Memorial.

Ø The key points of Presidential address

v He spoke about SadhanaDiwas and its importance.

v He narrated various incidents from the life of Eknathji.

v He quoted “Children are future of India and their all round development is essential.

·        Prizes were distributed to the winners of the competitions conducted on account of children’s day celebration.

·        Aa.Avinashji presented a memento to the Chief Guest.

·        Vote of thanks was proposed by B.Priyadarshan of X A.

·        The program came to an end with Kendra Prarthana.


Tuesday 15 November 2022

Children's Day Celebration Report - 2022

Date               : 14-11-2022

Venue           : Vivekananda Sabhagriham, Vivekanandapuram

Time              : 2.30 p.m.

Chief Guest : Sri. Umayorubhagan, President of Vijnana Bharathi, Tamilnadu Prant.

Presided by: Mann. RekhaDidi, Joint General Secretary V.R.M. & V.K.

Number of participants:1230.


On 14-11-2022 Children’s day celebration and inauguration of Science and Arts Exhibition was celebrated in our school.

·        Science and Arts Exhibition was inaugurated by Sri.Umayorubhaganand Mann. Rekha Didi.

·        The program was hosted by SisterT.N.Rithu of class VIII.

·       The children’s day program was initiated with invocation song by boys of class VII & VIII.

·        The welcome address was delivered by Sister Cassilda Crosslin of class IX B.

·        The importance of the day was presented by Sister N.P.Hahina of IX C

·        The handwritten magazine “Viveka Manjari” was released by the Chief Guest.

The key points of Chief guest address

Ø Young children are the makers of future India.

Ø Research is the base of development.

Ø Science and spirituality are the same. Only if it merges together our country will develop.

Ø Scientific development is essential for the growth of our country.

The key points of the presidential address

Ø Each one of us should contribute for the growth of our country.

Ø Students have to put forth their complete interest in their performance.

Ø All round development of the children is important.


·        Mann. Rekha Didi honoured our chief guest by presenting a memento.

·        Vote of thanks was proposed by Sister Anushiya of XII A.

·        The program came to an end with Kendra prarthana.