Wednesday 14 June 2017



 Andaman & Nicobar islands is a breath taking archipelago with exotic white sandy beaches, path line trees, beautiful mangroves & alluring tropical forest. On April 26, we set out our journey to Andaman & Nicobar islands, an ideal holiday destination and a place of azure beauty touches with more pleasure and adventure.

 It was such an amazing piece of  craftsmanship and heart wrenching to see too small prison cells with no windows where the martyrs were provided inadequate food with 2 glasses of water per day in solitary confinement. We also attended the “ Light and sound show” depicting the history of the jail wonderfully with excellent light and sound effect. We visited the Samudrika Navy Maritime Museum which had a spectacular display of shells, molluscs, aquatic life, social and tribal life of the people. 

We also paved our way to the Gandhi park located in the heart of the city which is just the most beautiful sight seeing place to relax and refresh ourselves. It has a big statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the centre, amusement ride where we had fun, nature trail around and boating where we rowed the boat ourselves. Such a amazing place of amusement.

      On our travel along the reserved forest, our pending desire had been fulfilled when we caught the sight of the aborigines the descendants of the original inhabitants of the forest. We were filled with awe and wonder but felt sad for not having a conversation or atleast a photograph.

    We also paid a visit to the oldest saw mill, established in 1883, by the Britishers  along the shore for easy transportation, the main occupation of the people of Andaman in later years. The saw mill still serves as a place of tourist attraction and continues to meet the continued need of sawn timber of the islands with new machinery.

  We crossed the islands by ferry. We were astonished to see the lorries, cars, buses taken to the other side in a ferry. We boarded the ferry and occupied a convenient place to get a clear view of the outside surrounded by glistening water.

  We took a cruise to the Ross island, one of the most fascinating places. We saw the ruins of the deserted building covered by roots, a beautiful sight to look at. The cemetery gives an insight into the life of its british inhabitants.

     We visited four of our schools, located in a serene atmosphere with beautiful lawn & plants to adorn it. The teachers welcomed us with a smile & we introduced each others.

   One of the most ever memorable event is the bike ride  in the sea which some of us felt to be a thrilling experience. We also got the divine blessing of Lord Muruga and goddess Kali with a special pooja.

    Altogether it was such a lovely piece of experience and trip lingering in our minds for ever. As per the proverb “Time and tide wait for none”
                We had to return to our homeland leaving our minds there.

    We would like to thank Mann.Hanumantharaoji  for all the arrangements and our Principal Shri.S.Abraham Lingom for escorting us to the place which we have never dreamt of .No words to express our gratitude. Thanks a lot! 


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