Thursday, 23 June 2016


DATE: 21-06-2016

                Yoga is an art. It gives peace of mind and power of concentration. The origins of yoga have been speculated to date  back to pre-vedic Indian traditions,it is mentioned in Rigveda.

            In our school, the International yoga day was celebrated in a grand manner. The programme began sharply  at 7.30 am headed by the dignitaries Man.Balakrishnanji, Vice  President of Vivekananda Kendra and Mann.Krishnamoorthiji, the editor of Vivekavani.

            We initiated our programme by an invocation song. It was sung by Sri.Manikumar Sir. The welcome address was presented by our teacher Kum.KalpanaParvathi. The importance of the day was delivered by Sri.Sundarakumar Sir. Next our teacher Kum.Sindu Rani explained the values of Yoga.

            Our Physical Education master Sri. Raja Kumar gave the command and all the students, staff, Kendra kariyakarthas and teachers performed the yoga in a very pleasant atmosphere infront of the Goddess Saraswathi Devi. They performed a number of Yogas such as Padahastasana, Ardhachakrasana, Parsvakonasana,Vajrasana,Bhujangasana and Savasana.
            Our Honourable Special Guest Man.Krishnamoorthiji addressed the audience. He expressed his views about the importance of the day. He explained Yoga is not a Physical exercise. It develops our concentration power and peaceful mind. He instructed Yoga should be the part of our life and should practice it regularly. He informed that Yoga is hidden in our daily activities. He explained the different kinds of Yoga which benefitted small children to the aged people. He concluded his speech saying Yoga makes the man active.
            Our Chief Guest Man.Balakrishnanji, the Vice President of Vivekananda Kendra addressed the gathering. He explained the essentials of Yoga in our life that Yoga is not an exercise to keep our body fit, but it purifies the human mind and soul. Yoga makes our body and mind flexible. A person could attain the power of concentration only through Yoga. He reminded us that Yoga improves our overall skill. He advised the students to practice Yoga atleast 45 minutes everyday.

            Finally the Vote of thanks was proposed by our teacher Kum.Kalaivani. And the programme was concluded by our Kendra Prayer.

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