Tuesday 8 September 2015



          Gokulastami, Rakshabanthan and Teachers’ Day was successfully celebrated in our school on 4th September 2015.  Kanyakumari has got its importance by the meeting of three seas.  As such this day has got its importance to celebrate three different functions interlinked by spiritual, relational and nobleness.

          The program started with a warm welcome address delivered by N.Rishika Bharathi of 8th Standard.  Welcome address pleased the listeners with a smile to be present for such a wonderful celebration.

          Swetha of 9th standard delivered a wonderful speech in a stream of flow in Tamil language about importance of the day.  She explained clearly about the need to celebrate the three functions and their importance in everyone’s life.
          “Music is well said to be the speech of angels, child of prayer, companion of religion”.  Students of 7th and 8th standard sang a beautiful song to bring peace and bliss of God for the function.

          Chief Guest Swami Prasanna Amritha delivered a meaningful speech on the importance of the day.  He mentioned that other countries salute India for its religious powers.  He highlighted India as the birth place of Krishna.  He mentioned that Bhagavath Gita brings out lot of messages.  It taught men to do duty without expectations.  He also mentioned that Swami Vivekananda’s life itself is a message for human being.
          Athulya of 7th Standard was called upon to tie Rakhi to a brother of 12th Standard and the dignitaries on the dias. 
          Student Principal and student teachers who enacted that day came forward to tell their experience.  They mentioned briefly about the difficulties undergone by teachers and the job that has the reverence forever.  They mentioned teaching as the noblest profession.
          Our Special Guest Hanumantharaoji presented a memento to the Chief Guest who made the function an unforgettable one.

 Followed by that was a mind blowing dance where Krishna and Gopikas danced gracefully.  The dance seemed to the viewers as Krishna and Gopikas originally dancing in Brindhavanam.
          Krishna then entertained all of us by Uriyadi.  It was awesome to watch Krishna trying hard to break the pot running so beautifully among the Gopikas who were waiting for prasadham.
          Program reached its final turn to vote of thanks.  Hema Shalini of 7th Standard presented  the vote of thanks.
          Achieved the destiny with grace of God.  We all made our reverence to Him by singing the prayer song.  The program thereby concluded with Kendra Prarthana.

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